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Sounds Easy

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge Him”

We love to quote that scripture to our friends, family members when they are going through a difficult, but what about when it us. Can we truly practice what we preach when we are faced with a difficult situation, something new.

I find myself in this exact situation as we go through the transition of bringing on a new youth pastor. I am at the place where I really need to trust God.

When you have done something for 10+ years it is a little scary to step out and do something new.  All I have every know is student ministry and I love doing it.

Now I find myself stepping out of students and it is a little scary.  Proverbs 3 is becoming so real to me.  I know that everything is going to be great as we make this transition and that is only because I can truly trust God.  He is so faithful and true.

Let me encourage you.  Whatever you are going through, big or small you can trust God.  Even better lean into Him as you walk through your situation or circumstance and watch how fauthful He is.

The future is bright for the students of Lifecentre and for myself!



Today I had the opportunity to perform a memorial service for an incredible family. It was a very small, simple, beautiful service for close family and friends.

Why do I share you ask. I find it amazing how much families truly look to clergy in time of loss. To be able to minister to this family during their time of need was an amazing honor.

I am so thankful at the opportunity I have at these services to bring some hope to hurting families. I love the doors God opens during these times.

I truly love my job and the opportunities I get everyday to be. Light to those that need it!

Parent Tips

Something we started to partner with parents.

Been To Long

Well what can I say but it has been way to long.  I have thought many times, “man I need to get back to blogging” but failed every time.  So why now?  Why try to get back into it?

Glad you asked.

I am in a very exciting yet scary time in my life.  This past January 8th we announced to the church that I would be transitioning out of Student ministry.  Now you need to understand that I have been with students for the last 13 plus years and loved every minute of it.  So now I find myself in the midst of this bitter sweet season.  Bitter because I love working with students.  It is so much fun.  Sweet, because I know God has something new for me and I get to flesh that out here at Lifecentre as I watch the students grow in their walk with God.

What I want to do over the next couple of months is allow you in on the process I am going through when it comes to transition.  Change is most often something we don’t like but at times our unwillingness to change robs us of all God has for us.

Not saying that I have mastered it, but I am taking it one day at a time and I know the future is bright!


Look forward to sharing more with you all.


Night Three

Again what can be said but awesome.  What an incredible night at camp!  God showed up and moved in every heart last night! Pastor Mark spoke on how we as followers of Christ have an unfair advantage.  We have the Holy Spirit, and last night the students got an incredible teaching on why we have an unfair advantage. The thought for the night was simple, “For a God sized mission, we needs God’s power” Acts 1:4-8 states that the Holy Spirit came to give us power to be witnesses. If I could recap for you what Mark shared it was this.

The Holy Spirit empowers us for,

1. Fulfill the Great Commission

Matthew 28:16-20

2. To live the Life

Ephesians 3:16-19

3. To Transform our Character.

At the end of the message students had a chance to respond to the Holy Spirit and then we went into an amazing time of prayer.  Over 130 students calling out on God to move in them, on their schools, and in their friends.  Truly an inspiring service.  So excited for what is next!

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